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Youth Club

“Charity begins at home, but should not end there”, Our youth coming forward to take up the challenge of uplifting each other is remarkable.

The main objectives of the SAHANA (SLWA) Youth Club are to embed the values of social responsibilities among our young leaders with a Sri Lankan identity to respect diversity among us.

The Core Objectives of establishing the SAHANA Youth Club (SYC) by the involvement of the next generation of young adult Sri Lankans in social services is;

  • To Inculcate empathy, a passion to share and give back to the society and related positive values on social responsibilities among our young leaders.
  • Inspire to perform voluntary work & to be involved in community services projects, whilst promoting the passion among their colleagues.
  • To Identify talented young leaders and improve their innate traits with guidance and life skills to reach their best.
  • Engage our youth and provide hands on experience on real life scenarios by including them in age specific operational initiatives and appointing then as project members to support learning and grooming with guidance from Sahana Committees on varied initiatives.
  • Develop the next generation of leaders for SLWA by appointing them as Ambassadors of SLWA to support delivering our vision sustainably.

Benefits for the Young Volunteers

  • Empowering self-realization of their own key strengths which can be shared with others and to be a blessing to those in need.
  • Increasing awareness of the realities of life at a young age which helps the youth appreciate and become better versions of themselves whilst supporting the community.
  • Developing the patriotic feelings for our mother land, Sri Lanka as they engage with diverse groups of Sri Lankans within UAE, appreciating the strength of diversity and culture innate to Sri Lanka.
  • Exposure to voluntary activities by SLWA & Community Development Authority (CDA) and the opportunity to engage in initiatives that would also support their individual development.
  • Being a proud member of SLWA by gaining self-satisfaction from their involvement.
  • SYC members’ contribution would be sincerely appreciated with a letter of appreciation/certification upon completion of each initiative they volunteer to, which would support as social service experience as they prepare for college admissions and career opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria;

Age Group : Between 13 to 21
Gender : Male & Female
Nationality : Sri Lankan
Residency : UAE
Skills : Positive attitude to assist the society & fellow Sri Lankans
Criteria : Either one parent must be an active member of SLWA (No overdues)
Enrollment : By signing the letter of undertaking/consent and completing a basic application

Tribute to Sri Lanka's 74th Independence Day by SAHANA Youth Club

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