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Service and Administration

Diversification of SAHANA Services...

Sri Lankan Welfare Association commonly known as SAHANA is inspired by beliefs and perceptions of its Board Members and volunteers that “together we can change the world” . Since the Sri Lankans living here in UAE are thousands of miles away from our mother land, our goal is to take care of them as our extended family, particularly during their most vulnerable & challenging times. Since its inception, SLWA has successfully addressed grievances and related issues brought forward by more than 15,000 affected Sri Lankans.

SLWA currently supports the vulnerable Sri Lankan community members living in the UAE in the areas listed below.

Our Strength

We Are At Your Service

The Services & Administration Committee (S&A) consisting of 13 passionate members are the first point of contact for any appeal or first to respond any distress call of Sri Lanka Community members in the seven Emirates of UAE.

S & A Highlights and Low Lights

  • SAHANA with the collaboration of consulate office was able to repatriate the first case This year, reported after settling pending medical expenses of the patient
  • Continuous support and sponsorships towards Air tickets and out pass assistance to displaced Sri Lankans’ in UAE
  • Successfully concluded food distribution project for the displaced Sri Lankans’ and managed to repatriate in collaboration with government officials
  • Team has focused on the new online tool to track and serve community cases in one platform with transparency and with easy access.
  • Despite returning to home country with existing travel restrictions, and crunch in job market, certain individuals have landed again in UAE and has fallen as victims to the fraudulent agencies and now again seeking assistance & guidance.
  • Due to current pandemic conditions, certain reported cases under S &A are taking considerable time span and efforts from the teams involved to conclude; to collaborate with external stakeholders, under difficult circumstances and our responsible teams putting all their efforts to archive results. Due to this fact increase in demand for return air tickets / exit passes and PCR tests.