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The Smallest Acts of Kindness Can Make the Biggest Impact

As the only registered welfare organization in UAE, we often receive requests from our distressed community members to assist them with their medical, food and repatriation support. The number of requests received by us has increased significantly during the past few years, and in 2020 the requests increased exponentially following the Covid-19 pandemic. We depend on our main source of income which is through our membership fees and sponsorships to cover both our community service, administration, and operational expenses.

As a result, your membership fees are invaluable to us.

The best support a community member can do towards our association is, ‘TO BE A PROUD MEMBER’. We have the introduced the following five categories of membership choices for you to decide and join us based on an option that suits you.

  • Bronze (Annual) AED 120/-
  • Silver (5 Years) AED 600/-
  • Gold (10 Years) AED 1200/-
  • Platinum (Life Membership) AED 3000/-
  • Titanium /Special (Revolving -Annual) Minimum of AED 50/- per month or it’s multiples with monthly contribution for 12 months fixed or renewable.


Based on your membership choices, please deposit/transfer YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEES to below account & inform on mobile number +971 56 311 9363 or email the deposit/ transfer slip to [email protected]

In addition of being member we invite you to allocate some of your precious spare time to volunteer in our future projects. If interested, you are requested to contact Mr. Dimantha Perera on +971 55 297 7640 or email to vice-president@ sahanauae.com

Bank Account Details

Bank A/C Name: Sri Lankan Welfare Association
Bank A/C No.: 1015565199801
IBAN No.: AE120260001015565199801
Bank Name: Emirates NDB Bank
Branch: ENDB – HQ Branch

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Our members are our greatest strength. Your small contribution goes a long way.