SHANA to Sri Lankan Welfare Association


SLWA, the Sri Lanka Welfare Association, was formed in 2012 as a voluntary organization with the core focus of assisting the Sri Lankan expatriates in UAE in their cases of need, without regard to their individual status or backgrounds. Formation of SLWA was a historic first, in that the voluntary organizations existing at the time in UAE were confined to supporting various worthy causes in Sri Lanka, but no organization was there to look after the thousands of Sri Lankan expatriates working in UAE.

The Team

Members of the Sri Lanka Welfare Association (SLWA) come from all walks of life who have been involved in social work from times preceding the formation of Sri Lanka Welfare Association, and are bound by their common interest in contributing positively to the society. Sri Lanka Welfare Association has a qualified group of counselors including doctors and other professionals who conduct regular counselling and advisory sessions for the needy. This group takes pride in acting as a “reliable person” to whom one can turn to, whenever one needs assistance to overcome social/psychological challenges. These sessions – on diverse topics ranging from “Positive Parenting” to “Managing Your Income” to “How to Achieve Your Goals” – have been especially valuable to the expatriates whose near and dear ones, being in far-away Sri Lanka, are deprived of meeting and discussing issues confidentially with a reliable person.

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