A Few Words About Us

We, ‘SAHANA’, the Sri Lanka Welfare Association, was formed in 2012 as a voluntary organization with the core focus of assisting the Sri Lankan expatriates in UAE in their cases of need, without regard to their individual status or backgrounds. Formation of SAHANA was a historic first, in that the voluntary organizations existing at the time in UAE were confined to supporting various worthy causes in Sri Lanka, but no organization was there to look after the thousands of Sri Lankan expatriates working in UAE.

Since its inception SAHANA has been successfully able to address the grievances and other issues brought to it by more than 100 affected Sri Lankans. SAHANA members were involved in providing Financial assistance, visiting ailing persons, sharing own homes with needy compatriots, and accompanying sick persons who had to fly back to Sri Lanka.

Members of SAHANA come from all walks of life who have been involved in social work from times preceding the formation of SAHANA, and are bound by their common interest in contributing positively to the society. The ‘Services & Administration (sub) committee could be introduced as the ‘emergency unit’ of the association, who accepts, evaluates, proposes and supports, any needy reaches the door. The committee has a counseling arm with qualified group of counselors including doctors and other professionals who conduct regular counselling and advisory sessions for the needy. The ‘Memberships (sub) committee thrives in raising members for the association to cover-up various administration costs. ‘Funds Raising (sub) committee’ tries its level best to strengthen the SAHANA FUND for needy. ‘Communications (sub) committee’ takes the messages of the association to its members and the public, effectively. ‘ICT (sub) committee’, being prepared the infrastructure for efficient and smooth, internal & external connectivity. ‘Finance & Accounts (sub) committee’ ensures that the funds being utilized and recorded as per the standards. The ‘Constitution (sub) committee’ updates the compliances as per regulatory requirements.

To meet the expenses connected with its many social services, SAHANA has depended not only on voluntary contributions by kind individuals, but also on its ability to successfully organize fund-raising events from time to time. These include several musical evenings held in UAE, graced by many popular vocalists from Sri Lanka. The events have always been enthusiastically welcomed by the Sri Lankan expatriate community, who turn such events into opportunities of getting together and socializing with fellow Sri Lankans.

SAHANA was officially recognized for its social contribution when, in 2015, the Dubai Community Development Authority awarded it a Social Club License to function as a non-profit welfare association in UAE, under the name of Sri Lanka Welfare Association. SAHANA thus became the first-ever Sri Lankan community group to receive Dubai government recognition. SAHANA operates from its own premises in Umm Hurair area in Dubai, and is managed by a Board headed by its President. A core committee and several sub-committees are involved in planning and executing the various social activities.

SAHANA aims to expand its activities so as to help and assist as many needy Sri Lankan expatriates as possible, and also, wherever possible, to assist any other persons in the bigger UAE community. Any organization is made stronger by a bigger and involved membership. SAHANA membership is open to all Sri Lankan residents in the UAE with a valid UAE visa.

All Sri Lankans in UAE are extended an open invitation to join SAHANA and make it a bigger, stronger organization, so that it could help, assist and support more of our brethren in their times of need.



To be led by a kind hearted diverse group of Sri Lankans, that consistently delivers efficient and effective care and protection to needy Sri Lankans in the United Arab Emirates.


To cultivate a sense of caring for needy Sri Lankans by serving them with kindness, respect and hope.

We Can Change the World

Rally around us to support our own countrymen,
at their difficult times…….!

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